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Federico Santa Maria Technical University has within its academic quality improvement strategy the establishment of a close liaison with the national and international stage, aiding knowledge development as well as innovation and venture initiatives. This is how in 2009 after the merging of experience in the development of investigative areas of Particle Physics, Computing and Electronics, the Scientific and Technological Centre of Valparaiso (CCTVal) is created and acknowledged by CONICYT through its backing with the Basal Financing program, as a Scientific and Technological Centre of Excellence.

CCTVal is a world class Centre looking to encourage the discovery of new knowledge in Particle Physics and in engineering applied to High Tech with the purpose of impacting society in a positive way. This has allowed CCTVal to be pinpointed as a developmental hub of Science and Technology, identifying with the Valparaiso region, but also projecting itself abroad.

All of this backed up by more than 30 years of expertise in the development of the Centre´s own investigations: Theoretical Particle Physics, Experimental High Energy Physics, IT and computing, Power Electronics and System and Signal Electronics.


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The Scientific and Technological Centre of Valparaiso (CCTVal) was consolidated in 2009 with the adjudication of the Basal Financing Program for Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence from the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Investigation (CONICYT).

30 years of experience behind Federico Santa Maria Technical University (UTFSM) and the professionals in the scientific areas of Particle Physics, IT and Electronics which make up the Centre were recognized by the aforementioned funding.

CCTVAL´s multidisciplinary team aims to the generation of new advances to the scientific and technological knowledge, which has been demonstrated through experimental investigation and success that has allowed us to create and strengthen bonds of collaboration with the renowned Centre of worldwide investigation, CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire).

Given the efforts designated to the development on research and new experiments, CCTVal delineated its research groups in five categories. This way, a differentiation is established between Particle Physics, focused in theory, and Experimental Physics.

The research groups are:


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Through the synergy of areas such as Particle Physics, Computing and Electronics, the Scientific Technological Center of Valparaiso (CCTVal) is commited to Excellence in Research, in order to contribute to innovate and generate new knowledge for Chile and the world.

By actively promoting the study and experimentation in science, CCTVal aims to be a real contribution to the community by delivering – on a permanent basis - proposals and technological advances that facilitate the overcoming of the current scientific, educational and industrial development challenges of the country.



Through the work of our team and our ongoing work in the field of scientific research and innovation, CCTVal wants to become a national and international reference through joint work in Particle Physics, Computing and Electronics, all focused on technological development.

We want to make an important contribution through our research areas to the academic and scientific community, by training new specialists and researchers who, through their work, help generate more knowledge and better technological advances that facilitate the development of science and industry in Chile.



  • Generate new knowledge nationally in the field of Particle Physics (or High Energy Physics) and the development of Engineering applied to High Technology.
  • Train specialists in our five research groups: Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics, Experimental High Energy Physics, Informatics and Computing, Power Electronics and Systems and Signals.
  • Develop technological innovation projects that make a positive impact in both society and the general industry.
  • Comply with the commitment of global collaboration, strengthening the links between Chile and world renowned laboratories such as CERN, Jefferson Lab, Fermi Lab, among others.
  • Seek constant collaborative work with universities around the world to increase knowledge, as well as the quality of information related to science and technology today.
  • Encourage the entrepreneurship of interdisciplinary projects that seek to improve the productive capacity our country’s industries.