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Silab, Silicon Labs

Sillicon Lab or Silab is a laboratory dedicated to resolving arising needs from the Experimental High Energy Physics research team. Focused on Electronics and Mechanics, it develops solutions in multiple disciplines.

Silab counts with the knowledge, equipment and experience fundamental to develop equipment and parts of the quality required by Experimental High Energy Physics. Through design, manufacturing and subsequent validation of prototypes, this laboratory counts with sufficient versatility and autonomy to confront National and International projects with results of unique quality For that purpose the laboratory has three areas of develpment:


Center of Mechanized work

Area focused on the design, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic and mechanical parts, which are developed for CCTVal´s own projects as well as to collaborate in international experiments developed in Laboratories like Jefferson Lab, CERN, among others. To fulfill said objectives, Silab counts with the following equipment:

  • Optical surface polishing machine, which was designed and manufactured by the laboratory.
  • CNC Datron M8 machine with five axes, which allows for the manufacturing of parts with higher complexity non-ferrous materials like stainless steel.
  • Two CNC of desktop prototyping, intended for the production of small prototypes and printed-circuit boards (PCB).
  • Model KR5 ARC of 6 axes for the manipulation of dangerous materials and for the efficiency and productivity improvements of entrusted projects.
  • Measurement equipment, brand Vision Hawk 5000, with vision measurement technology, micrometer resolution and DEV (Detection of Edges for Vision) incorporated, to corroborate the dimensions of manufactured parts.

Particles and Spectrometry Detection

This area is focused in the detection of particles by means of the construction of parts with transducer materials, the digitalization of signals coming from the same, and the following spectrometric analysis of the signals detected.

The experience on these subjects allows Silab to participate in multiple collaborative projects with Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Brookhaven National Laboratory, both in United States, and with the European Center of Nuclear Research, CERN in Switzerland.

At a national stage, there are diverse projects in development contemplating the application of nuclear technology in the industry, in particular for copper mining.

This area counts with the following equipment:

  • DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) with especial mathematical functions integrated for spectrometry, bandwidth of 1GHz and 4 channels.
  • SourceMeter, source of high voltage power which enables the measurement of current given with pA resolution. Specialized for the polarization of PMTs and SiPM and the evaluation of resistive networks aimed to that.
  • Mini- cluster destined for the storage and analysis of data obtained.
  • Photographic system of high resolution oriented to the detection of failures in photomultipliers.
  • Digitizer and data acquisition equipment of multiple channels oriented to High Energy Physics.
  • Sources of high voltage power for the polarization of PMTs.
  • Military standard portable spectrometer/dosimeter for the identification and localization of radioactive sources.
  • Gamma Ray spectrometer of high resolution, equipped with Saint-Gobain Brilliance scintillator, the best of its kind on the market.


Silab´s most recent laboratory, aimed to the implementation of personalized packaging for specialized semiconductors and to the delivery of electronical solutions of higher density. Within the available equipment stands out:

  • Diamond Scriber, it fractures silicon wafers or it individualizes the chips.
  • Die Bonder and Fluid Dispenser, it is aimed to the union between the silicon chip and its packaging.
  • Wire Bonder, aluminum cable welding equipment.
  • Probe Station, Test station for the set before being sealed.