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CCTVal receives its International Advisory Committee

During their stay, the experts were able to get to know the facilities of the Center, its projects and collaborations, as a way to strengthen its links with academia and industry.

During their stay, the experts were able to get to know the facilities of the Center, its projects and collaborations, as a way to strengthen its links with academia and industry.

With the aim of advance in the strategic guidelines of the Scientific and Technological Center of Valparaíso, CCTVal by its achromous in Spanish, is that last week members of its directory received the visit of its international Advisory Committee in the dependencies of the University to review the plans and objectives of the Center in the field of applications of science to industry and society.

The CCTVal began to develop its work in 2009 and has as its mission the development of research in Physical Sciences and its applications in technology and industry. As part of its strategy, the Center is supported by a multidisciplinary team of Chilean and foreign experts who are part of its Advisory Committee.

This Committee fulfills the function of proposing objectives and advising the CCTVal directory board to develop its annual planning, as well as serve as a link with the industrial community and the productive sector in general.

The group of national advisors is composed by Mr. Iván Vera, USM engineer and CEO of Innspiral Chile; Dr. Pedro Uribe, Cardiovascular Surgeon and former Rector of the Andrés Bello University, and Mr. Jacques Raab, engineer, entrepreneur and innovator. On the other hand, the foreign members are Dr. Maria Spiropulu, Physicist of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), who will visit the USM at the end of April; Dr. Richard Milner, Physicist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Dr. Salman Ullah, Physicist, business consultant and CEO of Merus Capital.

The last two, taking advantage of their arrival to Chile, accepted the invitation of the Center to give open talks to the university community, where they were able to give the audience their experiences and knowledge according to their experience. In the case of Dr. Salman Ullah, the professional gave a talk about the subject of innovation, education and his experience with Stanford University and the Silicon Valley, where he lives. Meanwhile, Dr. Milner held a colloquium on a scientific topic of high current interest, such as the search for the nature of dark matter in the Universe and the studies that are being carried out on a global level.

For Claudio Dib, director of the Department of Physics and member of the board of CCTVal, this visit became "something extremely profitable. We had a meeting with the Committee where we got to know their impressions and indications about how to strategically organize our work plan, especially in the areas that link science with the technology industry. Dr. Richard Milner, an academician with a vast background, was also very impressed with the work we do at the Center and is one of the experts with whom we could have interesting collaborations in the future ".

It is important to highlight that since its creation and with the support of CONICYT, CCTVal has firmly established itself as a world-class organization, which seeks to promote from its work the discovery of new knowledge in particle physics and applied engineering to the High Technology in order to positively impact society.

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