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Xompass: Startup developed in CCTVal positions itself in Silicon Valley

The tool for the analysis and follow up of industrial processes, has participated in two major global events after being chosen among many startups from all over the world.

The tool for the analysis and follow up of industrial processes, has participated in two major global events after being chosen among many startups from all over the world.


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With support from the Scientific and Technological Center of Valparaiso (CCTVal) from the Federico Santa Maria Technical University and CORFO´s ¨Go to Market¨ program, Xompass has participated in DEMO, an important meeting about new projects, and in the World Fair about Internet of Things (IoT) in Silicon Valley, both in the United States.

On one hand there is DEMO.com, which are conferences focused on emerging technologies to discover new innovative products and identify cutting edge technology. These international meetings are carried out in various American cities, and the most recent one was DEMO Traction in which Xompass was chosen to give a presentation together with 29 other companies. Francisco Soto, CCTVal´s general manager and one of the driving forces behind this tool, shared with the audience its innovative opportunities.

“Xompass was very well received and generated interest in two investment funds, with whom an approach has been initiated to become their future providers. Without a doubt, the innovation goes hand in hand with international positioning and gaining the trust of big companies so they will move forward with this project, which is what we are doing”, says Soto, who assures that products developed in USM´s CCTVal have the capabilities to compete in global markets.

This tool counts with a plant monitor that shows in virtual images the current status of a determined physical space, tool also known as a 3D Plant Monitor. “The person in charge of a plant´s management can visualize in 3D the operation of all the critical variables in operation”, explains Soto, adding that this feature makes Xompass highly attractive to the industry.

Furthermore, Internet of Things World is a fair that receives more than 4000 visitors and 150 exhibitors, this being their second version also in Silicon Valley, United States. Xompass applied to participate in this meeting by having as one of its main features, the Internet of Things which is the capacity to develop communication between objects. (Machine to Machine).

Xompass members, USM professor and CCTVal researcher, Werner Creixell and USM computer specialist, Carlos Valdes participated in this initiative. “We are positioning our tool in the industrial area with the aim of reducing process maintenance and monitoring costs for the users, since Xompass offers, for example, a preventative warning in case a machine starts to fail so there is no need to invest on more complex instrumentation or labor hours for its respective maintenance”, explains Creixell adding that there is no need for a big data center since the processes information is stored in the Cloud, which in this case, is provided by Amazon Web Services.

Aside from CCTVal´s support, Xompass currently receives CORFO´S “Go to Market” funds, a program which provides grants for expenses related to workshop recruitment and trips and travel expenses associated to them. Xompass also was chosen during 2014 by the Silicon Valley incubator, BlackBox and by Google to receive 100 thousand dollars in credits for its fructiferous development. 

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