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Industry and TICs

Industry and TICs

Characterization of wireless channels


Characterization of the dynamics of wireless channels in 28 GHz for 5th Generation mobile phones: The project consists in statistically modelling wireless channels that will be used in future transmission systems and wireless voice and wireless data systems. The research is conducted in close collaboration with Bell-Laboratories/Nokia scientists (USA). The work that begun in June 2016, entailed the construction of two identical measuring systems, one of which is being used in the Bell Labs, while the second one is being used in the measurements conducted by CCTVal researchers. The project’s ultimate goal is to advance the state of knowledge regarding the over time stability of wireless systems operating in the band 28 GHz. This is of great relevance to the telecommunication industry since the use of highly directive antennas, which can be redirected when the channel characteristics change over time, will be essential in the aforementioned frequency band.


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