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Tire monitoring for the Mining industry


Foto 1 OK Inf Tec Neumaticos mch383 500x350This project seeks to improve the quality of real time information of the condition of tires by means of an inbuilt strain monitoring system. This way, punctures and small tire failures can be detected in a timely manner, and maintenance can be scheduled accordingly. This information is relevant in economic terms since well-informed actions can be taken to resolve a critical component like it is the safety of operators in the case of a tire bursting, which could be life threatening. Our system is based on the incorporation of ferromagnetic micro threads inside the tire’s rubber. The magnetic properties of the micro threads are a function of the strain to which they are being subjected, thus, we can know the strain status inside the tire when we measure the scattering of microwaves. This transforms the rubber into an intelligent material or metamaterial. This is a FONDEF financed project. . 


Funds provided: