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After successfully working in experimental projects related to the area of Particle Physics, data analysis, parts manufacturing and software development, CCTVal and Jefferson Lab (JLab) were awarded a grant fund from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, with the objective of implementing a Fusion System of scientific information for satellite measurements on Earth for which a software of high scalability must be developed, capable of processing massive amounts of satellite data.

This project will be carried out by two IT civil engineers from Santa Maria University, Sebastian Mancilla and Ricardo Oyarzún, together with two CCTVal members, William Brooks and Hayk Hakobyan.

The team will work with nine years of data relating to climate and weather from all over the world stored by NASA which must be analyzed in the most assertive way possible.

In addition to CCTVAl´s team, the project counts with the participation of researchers from JLab and NASA.


Funds provided: