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Minerva Fermilab



Main Injector Experiment for v-A o MINVERvA, is an experiment of neutrino dispersion that uses the NuMI beam from the Fermilab Laboratory. MINERvA tries to measure the low energy of neutrino interaction as support in neutrino oscillation experiments as well as in the study of the strong dynamic of nucleons and nucleus that affect these interactions. This is done using the full range of nuclear targets from helium to carbon up to lead, and a scintillator plotter finely segmented to rebuild the event´s dynamics.

Gathering of information: CCTVal´s experimental physicist contributed to the acquisition of Low Energy data which was finalized in December 2012. The activity will continue in 2013 with the acquisition of Medium Energy data. This will be accomplished via remote experimental tasks by means of a special equipment donated by MINERvA to UTFSM.

Reconstruction of neutral pion: Conducting and improving a solid reconstruction of neutral pion which will be used in diverse MINERvA analyses, especially on those of interest to UTFSM physicists.

Analysis: The ultimate goal of CCTVal´s physics for the collaboration in MINERvA is to measure the process of deep and virtual production of mesons, which can be achieved through the use of processes with neutral pion in its final state. This will be the first neutrino measurement of its kind and it will provide information without precedence about the nucleon´s structure. The analysis requires acquisition of data during the Medium Energy process (Gathering of information project) and its starting date will be in the winter of 2014. To prepare for it and to minimize experimental systematic uncertainties, an exclusive analysis of neutral pion charged current will be carried out, using Low Energy.

Website: http://www.fnal.gov/pub/about/index.html

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