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Theoretical Particle Physics


Semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in pp and pA collisions at RHIC and LHC


Semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in pp and pA collisions at RHIC and LHC

Research areas:

Física Teórica de Partículas



Type of Publication:

In Proceeding


  • Amir Rezaeian








We investigate semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in the color glass condensate (CGC) framework at RHIC and the LHC energies in proton-proton (pp) and proton-nucleus (pA) collisions. We calculate the coincidence probability for azimuthal correlation of pairs of photon-hadron and show that the away-side correlations have a double-peak or a single-peak structure depending on trigger particle selection and kinematics. This novel feature is unique for semi-inclusive photon-hadron production compared to a similar measurement for double inclusive dihadron production in pA collisions. We obtain necessary conditions between kinematics variables for the appearance of a double-peak or a single peak structure for the away-side photon-hadron correlations in pp and pA collisions at forward rapidities and show that this feature is mainly controlled by the ratio p_T^hadron/p_T^photon. Decorrelation of away-side photon-hadron production by increasing the energy, rapidity and density, and appearance of double-peak structure can be understood by QCD saturation physics. We also provide predictions for the ratio of single inclusive prompt photon to hadron production, and two-dimensional nuclear modification factor for the semi-inclusive photon-hadron pair production at RHIC and the LHC at forward rapidities.