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Lorena Barba, Rio Yokota (2013). FMM-based vortex method for simulation of isotropic turbulence on GPUs, compared with a spectral method. [Ver más]
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Lorena Barba (2012). GPU@BU—GPU computing at Boston University. [Ver más]
Lorena Barba (2012). Digital Pedagogy in Three Parts: Screencasting, Course Blog, Remote Guests. [Ver más]
Anush Krishnan, Lorena Barba (2012). Validation of the cuIBM code for Navier-Stokes equations with immersed boundary methods. [Ver más]
Lorena Barba (2012). Digital inking and lecture screencasts. [Ver más]
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Lorena Barba (2010). Parallel and meshfree: new frontiers of CFD. [Ver más]